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Welcome to the MapleStory Free Market Price Guide WikiEdit

This Wiki is meant to be a place for MapleStory gamers to collaborate their efforts in creating and maintaining a price list that is accurate, expansive, and most importantly; continually updated. People are constantly in need of a "price check" or "p/c" on items in a market that is constantly fluctuating and controlled by the community. After some time of familiarizing yourself with the market people can get a general idea of item values but there definately remains a pretty wide range of difference between everyones estimated values/asking prices. I hope people will get involved on this project to make it a success, I have laid the groundwork and taken a lot of time in compiliing the data that I will launch the project with. I originally made this list for my own reference and kept adding and updating over time. Now it's at the point where I would like the help from others and to give the MS gamers a place to find current market prices.

More Details About This Project.Edit

I play in the server Broa so I will begin this project with a large amount of Broa's current market prices. I am going to use the layout/price info from my server (Broa) as a template for every other server and encourage the people who play in that server to make the necessary changes in prices for their server. The prices I will begin this project have been collected since the beginning of May, 2012. Between then and now I've continually added prices/adjusted them as needed, with the last updates for this last being made August 8, 2012. I hope the updates from here on will be made here.

Here's a basic outline of how to contribute information to this Wiki:

  • To help get this launched, you may update the prices in the servers other than broa to what you know them to be (be confident, no guessing please).
  • I am not positive yet to how this Wiki project works, so bear with me as I work to make things work effectively.
  • Assuming it's possible I will designate certain players who have a very good knowledge of prices in their servers to manage price submissions accurately.
  • For anyone that uses this guide or finds it useful is asked to submit the actual sale price from items that they either sold, purchased, 'or personally saw listed in a fm shop & sold. Also include the date of the transaction, and the items individual stats (if applicable), and method of sale (i.e. FM shop, FM entrance, Friend/Guild, or external source of listing such as forums or basilmarket.)

Latest activityEdit

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