Try one of the many delicious Zomick's kosher bakery products, and you’ll taste the best there is in old-fashioned goodness. This local bakery opened in 1966 has been baking the best products made in the purest kosher tradition for over 50 years. Zomicks kosher bake shop bread and other baked goods are made fresh every day. With a wide range of culinary choices, this bakery has you covered no matter whether you’re in the mood for a muffin, a piece of strawberry cake, some fresh salad or their famous challah bread.

This family owned bakery offers a wide range of options. Blending high quality ingredients, original recipes, and friendly customer service, you’re guaranteed to leave the bakery with a huge smile and a full stomach. The bakery has a warm, cozy atmosphere which invites people over for a taste of something spectacular. From freshly bakes pastries, desserts, bread rolls, muffins, to delicious sandwiches and course salads, there is something for everyone at the kosher bakery.

Give your taste buds a treat and experience a culinary treat like never before. Although the bakery has changed over the years, it has managed to keep is traditional, unique taste that makes this kosher bakery[1] so special, and stand out from the crowd. With a friendly customer service and cozy, home-like atmosphere, there is nothing not to like about it.

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